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    Popped Water Lily Seeds


What is it !!!

All Natural

Popped water lily seeds are grown in ponds and are handpicked by farmers in India. These small seeds are then roasted and popped to the size of popcorn. The cultivation of lily seeds doesn’t compromise with the ecosystem, our whole method is sustainable and natural. We roast them and season them with finest real ingredients and bring to you the perfect snack Made in Australia.


OMG! It blew my mind!! So light and delicious. I loved them, how have I not come across these my whole life? Well, suffice to say that I couldn't stop at one bag I ate 2. Love the maple flavour. It was so light and not too salty.

- Nyrelle B.

Nutri Lotus, Popped Water Lily Seeds have quickly become my favourite go to snack. They're light, simple, and super tasty. Great in the lunch box as an alternative to popcorn or chips, and I find I'm wanting more as soon as I finish a packet!

- Monique Pendlebury

I was first just curious about what Popped Water Lilly Seeds were and how they tasted. Then I had some and was instantly hooked! They are delicious and better, yet they are a healthier snack and the whole family loves them. It’s no longer popcorn and a movie, it’s popped Water Lily seeds and a movie!

- Luke Jamieson

These are next level snacks! Crunchy and delicious! Love the cinnamon and pink salt flavours the most. Such a cool snack alternative that tastes amazing!

- Kate

I love the fact that popped water lily seeds have been used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years, but we are only just rediscovering their health benefits! They're a great gluten-free option to savoury snacks which are also high in nutritional value. The Nutri Lotus range comes in a range of yummy flavours which are loved by both the GoodnessMe team and our community!

- Peta Shulman, CEO and Founder of GoodnessMe