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What it is !!

Popped water lily seeds are also known as "makhana" or gorgon nut. These seeds are wholesome and full of natures' goodness. Makhana has been consumed in India since ancient times and used in Ayurveda medicine for its nutritional value. It is used as a snack and as an ingredient in various food recipes.

Reasons to munch on....

All Natural

Popped water lily seeds are grown in ponds and are handpicked by farmers in India. These small seeds are then roasted and popped to the size of popcorn. The cultivation of lily seeds doesn’t compromise with the ecosystem, our whole method is sustainable and natural. We roast them and season them with finest real ingredients and bring to you the perfect snack Made in Australia.


Popped Water Lily Seeds-  Pink Salt & Pepper (Pack of 6)