Popped Water Lily Seeds - A healthy lifestyle snacking option

Popped water lily seeds are also known as "Makhana", "Gorgon Nut", "Fox Nut" or with the scientific name "Euryale Ferox". Grown from the Prickly water lily plants in marshy wetlands, tanks, ponds, and lakes, and harvested for its seed.

Since these are grown in marshy places in traditional ways, hence these are considered fully organic by nature, grain-free, and highly nutritious. Popped Water lily seeds are found majorly in India (Bihar state alone accounts for 90% of world production) but also in Korea, Japan, as well as parts of eastern Russia.

Popped Water Lily Seeds are not easy to produce because of the hard work and special skills required for farming and harvesting the crop in the marshy land from the prickly water lily plants. The Lily seeds are handpicked, sundried, graded, roasted in multiple iterations to bring their temperature to the level when the seeds are ready to pop, then the hot seeds are beaten with a wooden hammer to get them popped. That's when the black seeds pop out gorgeous cloud-white Pops called "Popped water Lily Seeds" which are processed further by roasting them slowly and then seasoned to perfection to make them utterly delicious crunchy snacks.

This snack is considered as an ancient Superfood and has been consumed in India since ancient times and used in Ayurveda medicine for its nutritional value. It is used as a snack and as an ingredient in various food recipes.