About Us

We love snacking. Well, who doesn’t?

But always worried about excessive consumption of preservatives and additives in processed snacks. We were looking for an alternative, a snack that was tasty, crunchy and nutritious at the same time.

We worked on our idea of making all natural and nutritional wholesome snacks. We thought about it, analysed and rebuilt everything we knew about health, food, and nutrition. Lots of trials and errors on friends and family, then finally shortlisted these flavours to satisfy every taste buds.


At Nutri Lotus, we believe in keeping it all natural and real, so that you know what you're eating. Our popped water lily seeds are carefully roasted and seasoned with all natural flavours to make them as good as home-made.   

Enjoy!! this delicious plant-based snack with your friends and family. 





                                     Location: 28, Smeaton Avenue
                         Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                                       Call us at: +61410766895