The Nutri Lotus story

Every story has a beginning. Ours popped into existence when a health-conscious mum found it almost impossible to find guilt-free snacks for her five-year-old son (and his hearty appetite). That's when we, decided to come up with our own version of an all-natural, all-real delicious snack never tasted before in Australia – and Nutri Lotus was born!

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Munchable magic

Originally from India, we remembered the traditional popped water lily seeds of our childhood. Loved by young and old, the lily seeds are considered a superfood because of their Ayurvedic qualities. Eaten as a snack, for sustenance during fasting, at family get togethers or at sporting matches, it's a versatile and highly popular treat for every occasion.

Tasty. Crunchy. Nutritious.

Popped water lily seeds taste delicious and look like popcorn...but surprisingly!! different with a character all of their own. Our seeds don't have any of the preservatives, artificial ingredients or nasties you'd find in processed snacks. And they're as good as home-made. It's a more-ish wholesome treat that's starting to take the world by storm. Perfect for the health conscious and vegans.

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The first batch

Our very first flavour, Tangy Turmeric, was roasted and seasoned in small batches in our registered home kitchen. It proved to be a hit, so much so that we quickly expanded our range to include other delightful guilt-free flavours to satisfy every taste bud. By the way, Nutri means 'nutrition' and Lotus refers to the 'lotus seeds'.

We invite you to enjoy this tantalising plant-based snack with all your friends and family!